Srilanka Waterfalls

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Srilanka Waterfalls

Srilanka Waterfalls:

Dunhida Fall ,Hunas Fall,Ravana Fall,Bopath Fall,Devon Fal,St. Clair's Fall,Ramboda Fall,Gerandi Fall,Helboda Fall,Anagimala Fall,

Diyaluma Fall,Bakers Fall,Duvili Fall,Hathmale Fall,Rahas Fall,Bakers Fall,Puna Fall,Bambarakanda Fall,Bamarakiri Falls,

Kirindi Ella Fall,Kuda Dunhinda Fall,Surathali Fall,

Dunhida Fall

The Dunhinda Falls is one of Sri Lanka's most beautiful waterfalls located about 5 km off Badulla town. The

waterfall, which is 210 feet (64 m) high gets its name from the smoky dew drops spray, (Dun in sinhala means mist

or smoke) which surrounds the area at the foot of the waterfall. The water fall is created by the river called

Badulu Oya which goes through the Badulla town.

To reach the water fall you have to walk more than 1 km distance along a foot path. Along this foot path you can

see another small waterfall at a distance. However walking along this muddy foot path is really worth as the

waterfall is so beautiful. Along this foot path there are many native venders selling herbal drinks to refresh and

rest yourself. At the end of the path there is a secure stage constructed for viewers to see the waterfall. If you

are brave enough you can reach the foot of the waterfall and cross the river and see the most beautiful view of the fall.

Hunas Fall

Hunas fall is located in Matale District, Elkaduwa Village. Apart from the main fall several water streams can be

seen during rainy seasons. Many tourists visit this fall due to its proximity to both, Hunas Fall & Hunas Hotel.

There are two routes to the Hunas Fall. One is coming from Matale to Elkaduwa. Other one is Watthegama to Elkaduwa.

Ravana Fall

Situated in the Ella -Wellawaya road, this beautiful water fall lies visible from the main road itself. The water

rushing down over several steps adds more hues to it s sublime beauty. The main drop, however, is 30 ft. In height.

It derives its name from the mythical king Ravana of the great Indian epic The Ramanya.

Bopath Fall

Just 15 kms from the Colombo- Ratnapura road, it falls from a height of 100ft into the Kurd gang river. The

formation itself is a rare beauty with a perfectly heart shaped head, resembling the leaf of the sacred Bo tree,

hence the name Bopath. Also a popular picnic spot, it is bound to take your breath away.

Devon Fall

This 280 ft high eye catcher is best sighted from the 20th milepost on the Talawakelle -Nawalapitiya road.

St. Clair's Fall

St. Clair's Fall is 80m in height and at 50m wide, and consists of two segments, known as 'Big St. Clair' and

'Small St. Clair'. Created by the Kotmale River, a tributary of the Mahaweli River, it flows down a slope through

an abandoned tea estate. In the Nuwara Eliya District, the fall is located 1.5km from Talawakele.

Ramboda Fall

Take the Nuwara Eliya to Pusselawa road for 12km. The fall is located 1.6km from the highway at this point. It is

near Pusselawa Resthouse.

Gerandi Fall

Between Pusselawa and Ramboda there are several waterfalls can be seen. Gerandi Fall situated in Nuwara Eliya

district and visible from Gampola to Nuwara Eliya road.

Helboda Fall

Between Pusselawa and Ramboda there are several waterfalls, all of which are less than 30m in height. It is located

near the 28th mileposts at the Pusselawa.

Anagimala Fall

Situated in Kanneliya Biosphere Reserve at Udugama in the Galle District

Diyaluma Fall

This is the third highest (171 M) water fall in Sri Lanka. The fall is located along the Koslande - Welawaya road

in the Badulla District. Koslanda is the nearest town to the diyaluma fall.

Bakers Fall

Situated on the Horton Plains (Nuwara Eliya District), Baker's Fall is accessible from Pattipola or Ohiya town.

From Pattipola take the well-signed footpath and either follow it to World's End and loop back to Baker's Fall or

take the right fork at the beginning of the path straight there.

Duvili Fall

Situated in Batuwangala in Galle District, Neluwa. The watercourse reaching Thamalagama flows to Watala Canal

River, where rapids had claimed many lives. Go along the Watawala Canal for about 12km.

Hathmale Fall

The fall is located 12km from Deniyaya in the Matara District, Deniyaya Pallegama area. Take the Deniyaya -

Pallegama road and turn off near the Pallegama bridge. From here it is 8km to the fall. Hathmale Fall is 45m high and 10m wide.

Rahas Fall

The fall is in the Kandy District Pathadumbara Divisional Secretariat. Take the Wathegama - Panwilla road for

0.5km, to reach it. At the base of the fall is a deep cleft, which makes for dangerous bathing.

Puna Fall

Situated in Nuwara Eliya district and visible from Gampola to Nuwara Eliya road. Pussalewa is the nearest town to the punai fall.

Bambarakanda Fall

This is the highest (241 M) water fall in Sri Lanka. The fall is situated in the Badulla District, Belihul Oya

area. From the Rathnapura - Balangoda road, turn left for Weerakoon village and continue for 5km to the fall.

Thudugala Fall

The fall is situated in the Kalutara District, From the Kalutara - Matugama road and turn left form Thudugala

junction. Continue for another 5 km to reach the fall. A convenient place to stay and spend the day.

Bamarakiri Falls

The fall is situated in the Matale District, From the Matale - Rattota road and turn right form Rattota junction.

Continue for another 8 km to reach the fall. At the base of the fall is a deep and which makes for dangerous bathing.

Kirindi Ella Fall

This water fall belongs to Rathnapura district. The height of this water fall is 117 metres. This water fall starts

from Kuttapitiya mountain. This is created by Kirindi Oya. At the base of the fall, the water plunges into a deep

pool called Diyagathwala. Rathnapura Pelmadulla road and turn from Kuttapitiya junction. Then there are 7 k.m. to reach this water fall.

Kuda Dunhinda Fall

Kuda Dunhinda Water Fall at UVA province On the way To the Dunhinda Waterfall at Badulla in the Uva Province . can

be seen the "Kuda Dunhinda" ( "Kuda" means small in Sinhala ) which is the prologue to its mighty brother

Surathali Fall

Surathali fall is 60m in height, 2m wide and made up of three segments. It is named after a film that was shot in

the area.Originating from the Sri Pada Reserve's Ellamana mountain range (948m), the fall is created by the Kadawath ganga,

which flows along Sabaragamuwa, Uva and later into the Weli ganga. It is bordered by an untouched wildlife

sanctuary. Take the Balangoda - Badulla road to the 169 - 170th mile posts, between Halpe and Marangawela.

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